Quality Is Not a Luxury

My mission has always been to provide great work at reasonable professional rates.

Consider how often you use or look at the woodworking in your home or office environments. Truth is thousands of times year, year after year. Imagine everytime you look at your furniture, buit-ins, fireplace or front door your either dissappointed or you feel a tremendous sense of pleasure at the beauty. Fine woodworking is about quality in the lumber and hardware selected and the craftsmanship applied. Your reading this because you are making a choice about your need for some woodworking and making a decision between price and quality.
In my shop I have 2 sets of fast action clamps, one set cost me $24/each, the other $52. The former I want to throw away the other I just love. I use them everyday. I have a client who spent $5500 on 3 chests of drawers for her daughters bedrooms from a high end retail/cataloge store.The chests were made of cheap wood,used poor joinery,had a decent paint job, and all the drawers failed when opened due to poor quality guides and she was frustrated (daily).
This is why quality is not a luxury. For a little more money I would have built 3 chests of drawers that were stunningly beautiful, the drawers would open with ease and stand up to children leaning on them and my chests could be handed down to the next seven generations. My studio and career are a dedication to meeting your woodworking needs, and a dedication to myself to have a career that I love.

No Project Too Small

A common refrain from potential clients is that I may not be interested in their project if the work does not involve high-end craftsmanship.

Although I have the talents to meet the needs of the most discriminating architects, interior designers, general contractors and their client’s desires, I welcome any project you have. I have made crates for shipping, replaced rotten windowsills, built 2×4 plywood storage racks for industry, and even cut little maple blanks to replace missing scrabble pieces.